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Comérciveda presents solutions in the area of ​​the Fences, we have a very wide offer in Fences, from chainlink fencing, electrowelded, wire and shade fence, fences in panels, sheet metal and wood, and many other types of fences. We also sell mesh, metal poles, wooden sticks, and accessories.

Do not be in doubt about fences and their application, here are some examples of their application: land (agricultural and other), animals (horses, dogs, goats, cows, sheep, chickens etc), gardens, golf courses, tennis court, facades, villas, swimming pools, backyards, balconies. These are just a few examples where the fences apply, there are many others, and we are here to hear your proposal.

If you are looking for solutions in the area of ​​fences, Comerciveda is the best solution, by price and quality. We waiting your visit at Sítio da Maragota or in Loja at EN125 - Quatrim do Norte.

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